Bricolage 1.10.5 VMware image available


If you've ever wanted to evaluate Bricolage quickly (without the installation woes), or to easily run more than one installation of Bricolage at the same time — the wait is over. You can now download a fully functioning version of Bricolage 1.10.5 running on Ubuntu Hardy as a VMware "image" and be up-and-running in minutes.

Once you've obtained either the no-cost VMware Player for Windows or VMware Fusion for the Mac (30-day evaluation available), you can simply:

  1. Unpack the VM-bricolage-1.10.5-dhcp-ubuntu-8.04.tar.gz archive

  2. Open the README-Ubuntu file

  3. Click or double-clieck the .vmx file (which starts-up VMware Player or VMware Fusion)

  4. Log-in to Ubuntu with the information from the README file and run ifconfig to get the IP of the virtual server

  5. Point your Web browser to the IP address of the virtual server and you should see the Bricolage log-in screen

  6. Log-in to Bricolage using the information from the README file and enjoy

We've created a 5-minute screen cast to demonstrate just how easy this "installation" is. Thanks to Bricolage user Cameron Miller of Adams State College for making the image available.

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